Shanghai 05/16/2011
first impression of the city -- GREAT place!!
V-day 2011 02/15/2011
Yesterday I had the best V-day ever! ^_^ ~

Besides the roses, the card, the chocolates, the best part is, I realized how blessed I am and have always been. I felt and still and will keep feeling so thankful for the life that I am and have been living.

We have come a long way. And all of a sudden I realized the real meaning of Valentine's Day -- it's not really about the roses, the chocolates, the cards, or the teddy bears -- it's about giving love and being thankful: to feel loved through giving without expecting anything in return and to feel appreciated through truly appreciating him.

Shouldn't I be loving and thankful each and every day of my life? And shouldn't I be loving and thankful to all the persons and all the situations that I encounter?

The world is a great place and I am loving and loved. ^_^

(Below: Hubby got me roses, I made a card for hubby)
Temple Fair 02/14/2011
Much like the State Fair in the U.S., Temple Fair in China happens in winter during the Chinese New Year. It's been many years since I last went to one since every time I go back to China, it's summer/fall time. This year, I finally got the chance to go to two of the Temple Fairs. It was really fun. The more prestigous the Fair, the more people you will see. The first one I went, there were so many people that we literally were walking shoulder to shoulder and right next to one another's heals!
Bunnies, bunnies, and bunnies, everywhere!

Why? 'Cause this is the Chinese Year of the Rabbit, aka. the Bunny Year ^_^

Everywhere you turn, you see bunnies, of all sizes and shape.

Every (well, almost) object that you touch has a touch of the cute little animal on it.

It is so interesting the way the East and the West perceive these little cuties. In China, Japan, and may other East Asian countries, they don't have the connotation of spring or of March madness. They are simply symbols of cute, smart, and gentle temperaments. (And same thing goes with cats -- they don't really symbolize sensual femininity or jealousy over in Asia, more likely, they are seen as extremely cute and very lucky (the Japanese have a special kind of cat that bring in fortune by simply waving its paw).

And oh my sweetness, they are cuuuuute!!
The first one in the pic is a cellphone pendent. Cute, eh?

The second? What are they for? You'll never guess! They are pencil cases! The extremity of cuteness, hehehe!
First Post! 02/14/2011
This is my new blog!

Yay!!! I like this very much!

Just starting to explore ^_^